Worship at Church of the Redeemer

Join us on Sundays at 10:30 am (in the Sanctuary unless otherwise noted on-site)!

Communion: An Open Table

We offer communion on the first Sunday of each month and during special services throughout the year. All are welcome to receive the bread and cup, no matter who you are or where you come from. The table is set for all of God’s children.

Communion is typically served by intinction: you are invited to come forward, take the bread, and dip it into the cup of “wine” (we serve non-alcoholic grape juice). The children join us from Sunday School for this sacrament; we encourage you to explain the importance of Communion to your child as you share the experience.

The body of Christ, broken for you.
The blood of Christ, poured out for you.

Current Sermon Series: Renegade Gospel (Lent 2018)

February 14-April 1, 2018
Who was Jesus, really? Wasn’t the central figure to the Christian faith a man who denied all preconceived notions about what God should look like? Wouldn’t associating with him have meant joining a rebel movement? Doesn’t it still? Renegade Gospel is a church study that challenges believers to come to terms with the real Jesus—the rebel Jesus.

February 18: “The Rebel Jesus”
February 25: “Revolutionary Lifestyle”
March 4: “The Most Important Question You Will Ever Have to Answer”
March 11: “Seeing Jesus Today”
March 18: “The Way of the Cross”
March 25: Palm Sunday (Liturgy of the Palms)
April 1: Easter Sunday (“Resurrection”)

Holy Week 2018

March 25-April 1, 2018
During Holy Week, we follow Jesus into Jerusalem to the waving of palms. We walk with him to the Temple, partake in the Last Supper, confront Pontius Pilate, and stand before the cross as the world descends into a singularity of darkness–ushering in the darkness of the tomb as we wait for Christ’s defeat over death.

March 25, Palm Sunday
March 26, Day of Justice: More information to follow
March 29, Holy Thursday
: More information to follow.
March 30, Good Friday: More information to follow.
April 16, Easter Sunday: We celebrate the risen Christ with light and song. More information to follow.