Church of the Redeemer has pledged to send 12 good friends/church members to the GCC‘s Action for Criminal Justice on February 27th at Olivette Institutional Baptist Church.  For more information, read the Call to Action.

The goal of this Action is to secure one or more off-site, pre-booking Mental Health and Addiction Diversion Centers in Cuyahoga County, giving police an alternative to jail for persons suffering a mental health or addiction crisis.  GCC has been pushing for the creation of diversion centers for the past two years, following research that clearly demonstrates their effectiveness. Diversion centers in Cleveland will save lives and public money while also reducing overcrowding in our County jail and helping to level the judicial field for people of color.

Email and share your intention to participate. If you’re interested in car-pooling from COR to Olivet, indicate this in your email too. Car-pools will leave COR parking lot at 6:15 p.m. on Feb. 27th.