Hello Church Family,

We have made it to another Tuesday. And I bring you the second Pastor Email. My hope is that these emails will give you some information for this coming Sundays worship service as well as what I have been pondering about during the week.

I loved being able to preach from the sanctuary this past week and have you all there in spirit with Zoom. It was like I was looking out at you all in your pews! It made my heart happier than I think I will ever be able to explain. I plan on continuing with Zooming in from the sanctuary during this time of Zhurch (Zoom Church). That way while we cannot all physically be together there, we are there together in spirit.

I have also been thinking about habits that I have picked up during this time of Stay at Home and Social/Physical Distancing. I have a good friend that lives down in Westerville, Ohio, her husband and I went to seminary together and Lauren and I have become very good friends. During this time, we have picked up doing devotionals together and then video chatting in the evening to discuss our days and the devotion that we read. It has been a great way to strengthen our friendship and to be able to connect with someone that is not who we live with. Are there people that you have found that you are connecting with more during this time? Maybe send them a card this week, let them know you are thinking about them.

This Sunday we will again be talking about one of Jesus’s Parables. This time it will be The Parable of the Mustard Seed. I have a children’s book that is all about the Mustard Seed and will share that during our Children’s Moment.

Our prayer for this week comes from Celtic Daily Prayer: Prayers and Reading from the Northumbria Community. There is no author of this prayer, but is found in the section “Blessings, Prayers and Graces”

Bless to me, O Lord
the earth beneath my feet;
bless to me, O Lord,
the path I tread;
my walk this day with the Father,
my walk this day with Christ,
my walk this day with the Spirit.

Scriptures for Sunday: Psalm 105: 1-11, Romans 8:26-29, Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52

I pray this week lands on you gently and leads you to our time together on Sunday.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Megan