Happy August! These past few days have felt like Lake Days. It’s what mom and I call the days that have a cool breeze and are a little rainy. These would be our favorite type of days when we would vacation in Northern Michigan. Mom and I talked about how we would have visited Gwen Frostic’s (a fabulous little stationary store in Beulah, Michigan) and then would have had lunch at The Cherry Hut (a family favorite!) While our family is missing our time in Northern Michigan this summer, we are sharing favorite memories and enjoying these Lake Days in Ohio.

And while this summer feels very different than summers past. I am finding the I am turning to the Word of God more. I am currently reading two different devotionals and am finding hope in both of them. One is focusing on Psalm 119 and the other is on becoming Brave in 100 days. The second I first did at the beginning of the year and am doing it again, as a guided journal. I am excited to see how I become braver during this pandemic, because there are days when I do not feel brave.

I think one of my favorite parts of worship each week is talking with you all afterwards during Coffee Hour. I am getting to learn more about you and know who you are even while we are apart. In next week’s email there will be a link to sign up for Pastor Coffee Talks. You are welcome to sign up one on one, as a family, or a small group. I hope that this will give us a chance to meet and get to know each other more. If Zoom is difficult to do, we can also have a phone conversation.

Our Gospel Lesson this week is one of my favorites, we will learn about Peter and how Jesus told him to not be afraid to walk on water. We will also be reading from the Psalms and 1 King. Matthew 14:22-33 CEB, Psalm 105: 1-6, 16-22, 45b, 1 King 19:9-18.

I am also including a link at the end of my email about requesting your absentee ballot. We spoke during Coffee Hour about the importance of voting this year and I wanted to provide this resource.

Our prayer for this week is a simple one, written for you all as I sit in my office at the church today.
God, help us to be brave when we don’t feel it. Be our strength on the days that are hard. And there are a lot of them right now. Help us to find you in the sun that is shining down, in the midst of the storm clouds. In the birds that are flying around. In our family. In our friends. In our neighbors. Let us feel the Holy Spirit in the breeze that gently touches us as we step outside or we feel through the open window. In your name we pray. Amen.

May this week fall gently on you all.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Megan

Absentee Ballot Link: Click Here for Link
100 Days to Brave Devotional: Book Link
Psalm 119 Devotional She Reads Truth: Devotional Book Link
Psalm 119 Devotional He Reads Truth: Devotional Book Link