Hello Redeemer,

Well it is another Tuesday. And somehow, we have made it to the end of August. That does not seem quite possible does it? And it is also time for students, teachers and staff to be heading back to school. Whatever that may look like this fall.

As I was scrolling Facebook today, I saw many of my classmates from seminary posting their first day of school pictures. It seems like just yesterday when I was posting my “last first day of school” picture. And now we are coming up to me being here with you all for almost two months.

I know everything seems strange and different right now. And I will keep saying it to you all over email until I can tell you all in person. I am so thankful for you all. Each one of you has made these first months wonderful. You each have welcomed me into the Redeemer family in such a wonderful way during this strange and different time.

This week I will be starting to send out in the mail the Back to School prayer. If you have someone in your family that is going back to school or if you are someone that is going back to school and you would like it. Please send me an email with the names and addresses (if it is different than what is listed in the directory).

Our scriptures for this week are: Exodus 3:1-15, Psalm 105: 1-6, 25-35, 45b, and Matthew 16:21-28

And our prayer for this week is from a post that was shared amongst seminary students last year. It is written by Jess Cook and talks about baptism. I needed this reminder today and I hope you all find some hope in it as well.
“At some point in seminary I was introduced to the idea of remembering my baptism every time I interacted with water. This idea has held so strongly through years of practice that it now comes without thought- rain starts falling and every drop on my head, every plink on the gutter reminds me that I am loved even when I do not have the capacity to ask for it. Tear ducts become wellsprings within me, sometimes gushing open at the most unexpected moments.
The rain on my back a reminder of the holiness around me, each tear a reminder of the holiness within me, grounding me in who I am and connecting me to everything else.
It rains and I am loved. I cry and I am loved. I wash my hands and I am loved. Hard as I may try sometimes (and I guarantee I have certainly tried hard), I have realized that I simply cannot outrun my belovedness.
None of us can.” -Jess Cook

Remember this, we are each so loved by our Creator. Take that love with you throughout this week and in the weeks and months and years to come. And may this week land gently on each one of you.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Megan