Happy Fall! Today is officially the first day of fall! How can that be? It looks like it will be a gorgeous week! I hope that you are able to go out and enjoy it. Slowly the leaves on the trees will start to change and then fall will really start to show off. I can’t wait to watch the big tree outside my office window and church and see what colors it turns. There is going to be lots of information in today’s email, so please make sure to read it all.

East Ohio Annual Conference is this coming weekend.  Things kick off on Saturday September 26th at 9am with Bishop Malone leading morning worship and we then move into a day of business. The day will end with the Commissioning and Ordination Service at 6pm. On Sunday September 27th there will be a conference wide Worship Service. This will be at 10am and will be our worship service for the day.

To be able to check in and see how we are all doing, at noon we will be meeting as a church for our Virtual Coffee Hour at noon. That link will be sent out later this week, there are plenty of links in this one!

Also, on Sunday September 27th, Brecksville United Methodist Church will be hosting an Open Table service. That will be at 4pm and can be seen on their website, Facebook page and YouTube.

Nominations Committee will be meeting in the next few weeks to discuss our committees. If you have wanted to serve COR and there’s a committee you’d like to be considered for, please email me. And if you are currently on a committee and would like to rotate off please email me about that too.

Charge Conference will be happening on November 12th over Zoom. Look for more information on how to participate in this in the weeks to come.I am taking some time off at the end of next week.

I will be out of the office from October 1st until October 5th. If you need something from me during this time and it is not urgent, please email me and I will get back to you on October 6th. If it is urgent, please call Carolyn Cacho Bowman or Phil Holland and they will get in touch with Rev. Andy Call of Church of the Savior who will be covering for me. There will be a lay speaker on October 4th for church and I will announce who that is on Sunday.

Scripture for this week is the verse for East Ohio Annual Conference: John 15:4-8

Prayer for this week: God of change. Let us be people of change. Let us feel you in the wind that rustles the leaves and blows on our faces. Let us see you in those that we are around. Be our strength when we need it. Be our support in all that we do. Let us be the light and love that this world needs today and all days. Amen.


Annual Conference Link

Brecksville United Methodist Church Website

Brecksville United Methodist Church YouTube Page

Brecksville United Methodist Church Facebook Page

God Speaks in Whispers Children’s Moment Book


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Megan