Hello Church,

Another week has come and we have made it halfway through the week! We have seen more sunny days this week than we did last and that has made for an even better week for me! I have been busy trying to finish paperwork for my licensing school that will happen in a few weeks.
Vivian and I have been busy getting things in order for us to be able to meet again in person. Bulletin boards have been updated, the sanctuary is being cleaned and hand sanitizer has been ordered!
One of the bulletin boards that has been updated is the one that is outside my office door. If you have been in this past week you have seen the change. The bulletin board is our new COR Prayer Wall. This bulletin board will hold the Joys and Concerns of our congregation. On it you will find some string and clothespins, on the table next to the bulletin board you will find some pens and the familiar Prayer Request sheets from our pews. Write your joy or concern and then “pin it” on the clothes line. If you are in the church and would like to share a prayer request, please feel free to add them to our wall. A picture of our COR Prayer Wall is attached to this email.
As we get closer to announcing our first in-person worship service, I wanted to let you know of some of the procedures that will be followed so we can worship together. Masks will be required throughout the building as well as physical distancing in the sanctuary and throughout the building. These are also procedures that will continue to happen throughout the week. And while worship will feel different, those of us planning hope that we can make it feel as normal as possible.
As a reminder, if you come into the building throughout the week please use the sign-in sheet that can be found on the podium by the entrance to our Education Wing. This helps us to know who is in the building throughout the week.
Our Bell Choir has started back up and last night I was able to see most of the choir members! It was so great to see so many faces that I had not seen before in person. I cannot wait to hear them play!
And many thanks to those that came up and celebrated Arleen today! We gathered in the parking lot and were able to visit and be together in a new way!
Scripture for Sunday is: Acts 1:1-11 and Luke 24:44-53
Our prayer for this week is from the Prayers for an Inclusive Church:
Sanctifying God,
your gift to us
is one who overcame
the system which enslaves
and feeds upon the victim:
send us to your world
to speak the truth of peace,
to stand with those who suffer,
to show another way;
through Jesus Christ, the life of all things.
May this week land gently on you all.
Grace and Peace,
Pastor Megan