Hello Church,

It has been a busy couple days here at COR! Final preparations are being made to welcome you all back into the building on Sunday. Many thanks to those that have been in cleaning and making sure that our church is ready to have you all here again on Sunday. Please see again, the attached document that details our protocols for in person worship. As a reminder, please be patient with those in leadership as we are trying to make decisions for the best of the congregation. Prayers, patience, and a lot of grace for each other will be needed as we all enter this new phase of worship.
This week marks the start of Pride Month and on Sunday we will not only be celebrating coming back together in person for worship, Pride month, but also being a Reconciling Congregation! I do have a couple surprises up my sleeve for Sunday! As a reminder come in your bright colors and rainbows and Pride wear! I cannot wait to see the sanctuary filled with all of the beautiful colors you will all wear!
We will also be celebrating the sacrament of communion on Sunday. While your mask will need to stay on for worship, when we take the bread and juice, you may remove your mask. We will still be using the prefilled communion cups. After you have taken communion, you will need to put your mask back on. As always, there will be more instructions and reminders of how we will do communion on Sunday.
Zoom Worship will still be available for anyone that is unable to come in person or is not ready to come back yet. I hope to see you either virtually or in person on Sunday!
Coffee Hour for the month of June will be held outside. If you are able, bring a chair with you for outside, there will be some folding chairs available if you need one.
We do need greeters to help us during the month of June. If you would like to help pass out bulletins and direct people to open pews, please let either myself or Vivian know.
Our scriptures for Sunday are: 2 Corinithians 4:13-5:1 and Mark 3:20-35
Our prayer for the week is from Reconciling Ministries Network:
Prayer for Pride
Creator of all queer and wonderful things,
You’ve made and you make and remake us.
Gather us in harmony- not a false unity but a
selfless and brave co-existence.
Give us hungry spirits to hear the diverse melodies
of our kin, to recognize the infinite shade of our existence in and because of you.
We are proud of who we are because of you are-
because who you are is refracted through us,
because who we are is a part of your body.
Pride- not the sin but the reclamation, the reconciliation, the redemption: let that be our cloak
and your love our greatest treasure.
May the rest of your week land gently on you all.
Grace and Peace,
Pastor Megan