My Bible Verse

by Carol Womack


Matthew 28:20 “And, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.”  (King James version)
I took this to heart when I was 13 and my sister and I, who grew up in Navapur, India, went with the family to be baptized in a neighboring village, Barbunja.  On the way back, we were in Auntie Nellie’s jeep (missionaries were called Auntie and Uncle by the children) and approaching a river around the bend that we needed to ford.  I heard the adults talk about the deep ruts left by bullock carts.  “Do you think you can make it?”  “Sure, I can make it,” Auntie Nellie said; whereupon the jeep got stuck in the ruts.  Everybody piled out of the jeep.  We were in tiger country and the sun was beginning to set which made it even more unsettling.  I was concerned while the adults figured out what to do next and I walked back down the road a bit to calm myself.  The hymn, “If Jesus goes with me, I’ll go anywhere” came to mind.  God is in control no matter where I am.
I have been on many, many journeys—physical, spiritual, and in life in general.  I am so very blessed, but many of these journeys, including today, have been and are extremely difficult.  How I wish I could control certain situations.  BUT, what a relief it is to know that God is all powerful and in control, and, in spite of me, no matter where I am in my own journey, God is in charge.