Hello Church,

Another Tuesday afternoon has come. I hope you all are enjoying this fall like weather and have your windows open! Or are finding another way to celebrate this cooler weather!

I wanted to share with you all where I have seen hope this past week. In hopes that I hear from some of you on where you have seen hope or how you see yourself being hope in the world. One of my mom’s teacher friends that she used to ride with to work has two sons. This summer her sons and her oldest sons’ girlfriend has come to our house and done different yard projects for us. How this shows me hope, is that we never asked if they would come, the oldest son, Zach asked one day if there was anything that he or Andrew could do for us. It has been great to have them at our house every few days doing something different. The fact that they took the initiative to help out a family friend, shows me that there are still good people out in the world that want to help others.

A couple reminders: September 26th starts East Ohio Annual Conference. I will send out the link again next week for where you can watch online. September 27th we will be attending the East Ohio Conference Worship Service for our Sunday service, that will be at 10am. At noon we will be gathering for Virtual Coffee Hour, to share announcements and Joys and Concerns. Look for the Zoom Link from the Communications email next weekend.

The Missions Committee would like to share this announcement with you all:

Dear Redeemerites:

Mission Committee is so grateful for all the hard work you as a congregation have been doing to support our 311 mission.  All the love that has gone into cooking meat, making sandwiches, cookies, and granola has been greatly appreciated by us and the benefactors who are living away from their homes.

We have a new calling for those who choose to answer: there is a need for drivers to campsites. We are looking to train congregants on where to look and how to meet with people. Having more people trained in street outreach will allow us greater flexibility to carry on our mission in times of uncertainty.

You will never go out alone. Two cars will always go out until the pandemic is over and we can ride along together again. You don’t have to be the one who gets out of your car as long as the person signing up with you is able to get out and deliver the lunches, water, and sundry items.

This is generally a two-hour commitment on a Saturday afternoon. It is incredible gratifying work. However, we can’t continue to go out on a weekly basis unless we have a team able to rotate Saturdays.

Thank you for your consideration in keeping this powerful mission viable.


Our Children’s Moment book from this past Sunday was My Lighthouse by Rend Collective. I will start including the link for the book in the Weekly Email the following Tuesday.

Our Scripture for this week is: Genesis 12:1-4a, Psalm 121, and John 3:1-17

Our prayer for the week is from The Abingdon Worship Annual 2020, written by B.J. Beu

Gracious God, renew our minds with the power of your Holy Spirit. Cleanse our spirits with the mercy of your grace. Bring us into fellowship with one another and grant us courage to defend the lowly. Part the water of our troubled thoughts, that we might see others as you see them. Protect us with your powerful hand, that we might sing of your faithfulness and dance to your glory. Amen

I pray that this week lands gently on you all. And that you may be hope for someone in the world this week.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Megan