Hello Church,

It is finally the last week of 2020. At times it does not seem possible that we are reaching the end of the year and at other times it feels like we have been waiting for this week to arrive since April. While this year has seemed to drag on and maybe at times feels like we have lived five years in this one, there has been some good in the midst of all the bad. I joined your congregation in July and was quickly welcomed into the Redeemer family. We learned how to be together even while we are apart, we came to enjoy the time we have had to talk after church, we found new ways to worship, Zoom quickly became not only a description for moving quickly to another place, but how we connected each Sunday for church. We also added something new to the way we connected, Thursdays became days when we would connect with songs in our Hymn Sing. Led by Shanelle and Cynthia we were still able to sing with each other. Those that moved out of state were able to be a part of our congregation again with Zoom, we got to see our familiar friends each week, just as we had before. While there was grieving of things lost this year, we have found new ways to appreciate all of the things that we have.
While this year has been different and challenging I believe that we have learned how we can be the church even when we are not in the church. Our ministries have grown, we have reached more people outside these walls than we have ever done. A few weeks ago Charlie reported that we have served over 800 meals with Luke 3:11, this is Jesus’s hands and feet in action and this is all thanks to the many people that have made sandwiches and taken them to the camps.
This coming Sunday we will celebrate Epiphany. And as the tradition is here at Redeemer, the men will lead us in singing “We Three Kings”. And while they will not all be gathered at the front of the church, we will still get to hear you all over Zoom. Sunday we will also renew our Wesleyan Covenant, with the Wesley Covenant Prayer.
Next Sunday January 10th we will remember our Baptisms on Baptism of the Lord Sunday.
Scripture for this week is: Isaiah 60:1-6, Ephesians 3:1-12, Matthew 2:1-12
Our prayer for this week comes from Belly of the Whale founder Sharon Seyfarth Garner:
The Blessed Paradox of 2020
We dance the blessed paradox
of one more sacred spin
around the sun.
Pausing at the threshold
of yesterday’s yearnings
and tomorrow’s dreams.
Balancing on the nest’s edge
between sweet familiarity
and fantastic flight.
Clinging to youthful vitality
while 2020 vision
and memories fade.
Take my hand, Sacred One,
and fly me beyond fear
where gravity has no hold.
As we dance the blessed paradox
of one more sacred spin
around the sun.
Upcoming Calendar Events:
Hymn Sing 12/31 @7pm (look for Zoom link later this week from Cynthia Larson)
Wednesday Morning Bible Study “Fierce” 1/6 @10am
May this last week of the year land gently on us all.
Grace and Peace,
Pastor Megan