Hello Church,

It is time for another weekly installment of the Pastor email. I am back from my stay-cation and feeling a bit more rested. Thank you to Charlie for leading worship and preaching for you all last Sunday. I am looking forward to seeing you all in Zoom Worship on Sunday. I have missed your faces (or voices if you call in)!
This coming Sunday is Native American Ministries Sunday and much of our liturgy will be borrowed from the Native American tradition. Please be sure to read all of your bulletin when you get it on Saturday as it will include some information on why the UMC celebrates this Sunday. If you would like to designate your offering for Native American Ministries, please put that in the memo line of your check and that money will be designated for that. The money that the collective Church collects this coming Sunday will go to helping Native American students that are looking to go to seminary, as well as many other ministries.
A couple people have asked about previous recordings of our services. I am working on getting them to Cynthia, we are running out of room where we are storing them, which means we need to figure out a better way to host them. Once we are up to date, I will let you all know.
Our next big church celebration will be Pentecost on May 23rd. Look for ways to be involved in this Sunday the coming weeks.
On June 6th, we will be kicking off Pride month with our celebration of being a reconciling congregation. Planning will begin for this Sunday in a few weeks, if you would like to help with planning please let me know.
Our scripture for Sunday is: 1 John 3:1-7 and Luke 24:36b-48
Our prayer for the week comes from Ruth C. Duck:
O Source of all living things, we praise you for the recurring
re-creation of life we see around us,
and the timeless resurrection of Jesus our Christ.
May these signs inspire us to manifest
your presence in our relationships and actions,
that those cries of joy
first heard on Easter morning
may echo through the centuries
 to our time and place.
May the rest of the week land gently on you all.
Grace and Peace,
Pastor Megan