Hello Church,

Again, we come to another weekly email from me. It has now become tradition for me to sit down at my desk either on Tuesday or Wednesday to send you all a little note.  When I started these back in July, my hope was that you would get to know a little about me and what was happening in the church. I hope that these past 10 months of emails have brought you some insight to myself, as well as updates on our church.
Today, I have my windows open wide in my church office. Little voices are floating up and make believe is happening right outside my window. The fragrant lilac bush is also coming into my office. I have loved watching that area of our yard change throughout my time here.
A couple reminders: starting on Sunday May 23rd in the afternoon I will be in licensing school until Friday May 28th. Which means I will not be out in Cleveland Heights at all next week. I will be available by email and phone, please know that emails and calls may not be returned until later in the night each day or when I return to the office on June 1st.
Also next week, Vivian will be off on Thursday (5/27) and Friday (5/28), she will be in the office Wednesday morning instead of the afternoon.
For the past year, Cynthia has been sending out our worship emails each Saturday evening. As she prepares to head to camp for the summer, those worship emails will now be coming from Vivian’s Church Secretary email. And even though Vivian will be out of the office at the end of next week, she will still have the worship email scheduled to send Saturday.
This coming Sunday, May 23rd is Pentecost. We will be celebrating the birth of the Church during our service. You are encouraged to wear your reds, oranges, and yellows to represent the flame of the Holy Spirit. Uncle Phil will be our host for coffee hour, so I can get home before my first licensing school class starts at 3pm.
Our scripture for Sunday is: Ezekiel 37:1-14 and Acts 2:1-21
Our prayer for this week is:
Spirit of truth:
guide us into all the truth;
consume the lies
that shroud the world in hate;
pray in us
with sighs too deep for words;
and let the victim’s voice ring out
with hope for a new world;
through Jesus Christ, who goes to the right hand of God.
Enjoy the warmer weather this week. And I pray that the rest of this week lands gently on you all.
Grace and Peace,
Pastor Megan