Hello Church,

Greetings from Licensing School! It has been a busy few days. Lots of learning and lots of time getting to know other pastors in our conference. While I have been with my computer all week, I am finally able to sit down and send you all this email. Only a couple more days left and licensing school will be over! I will be back in the office on Tuesday June 1st and look forward to being with you all in worship on Sunday.
Thank you all again for your patience with the technology issues on Sunday. I hope to have my sermon up on Facebook by the end of the week for you all to be able to hear/see.
Couple reminders: I will be in licensing school until Friday afternoon. Email and text will be the best way to reach me all week. And thank you in advance for your patience in my response to you. There is a lot of work that I am doing in these classes! Vivian is off this coming Thursday and Friday. And will be in the office on Wednesday morning (9-1). And our church office is closed on Monday May 31st for Memorial Day.
And as it was announced in church on Sunday, we are hopeful that we will be gathering IN PERSON on June 6th! I know that this has been a long time coming and that there will probably be lots of questions. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns that you may have. Please also find attached the Procedures of Re-Opening that we will be using.
Scriptures for Sunday are: Psalm 23 and Romans 8:12-17
Our prayer for this week is:
A Prayer Inspired by Psalm 29
(Curry F. Butler)

Lord, we come before your throne of grace to acknowledge your voice.

You speak; you have always spoken; and you are speaking.
Your voice is majestic. It hovers over the waters, bringing about peace. I
t rides in the mighty roar of thunder, letting us know just how mighty you are.
We hear your voice dancing in the consuming flames of fire found in the pit.
Your voice swims amidst the raging flood waters to let everyone know that it will be ok.
Today, we ask you to speak to us so that we can hear you.
Speak for us so that it is never a question of who sent us.
And speak through us so that your children might be saved.
It’s in your darling son Jesus’ name, we pray…AMEN.
May the rest of the week land gently on you all.
Grace and Peace,
Pastor Megan