Church of the Redeemer is a Cleveland International Film Festival Community Partner! The church is excited to promote the film Mourning in Lod.

In Lod, Israel, one of only a handful of the country’s “mixed” cities where Jews and Arab coexist, the loss of one life under terrible circumstances led to the miraculous saving of another. Witness how three Lod citizens factored into this story of protest, unending conflict…and mercy.

In the city of Lod, just 30 miles west of Jerusalem, and one of only five Arab-Jewish “mixed” cities in Israel, Israeli and Palestinian families live peacefully as friends and neighbors. But on May 10, 2021, a tragic event triggered a bittersweet chain reaction of devastating loss, agonizing injustice, and an unexpected blessing of renewed life, forever intertwining the lives and families of Musa, Yigal, and Randa. A timely portrait of how generations of violence continue to disrupt communities who long for peace, MOURNING IN LOD follows each family’s thread, unraveling new revelations at every seam. Their web of circumstances proves every action, whether motivated by love or hate, has the power to destroy or save, regardless of faith or ideology. As a zoomed-in lesson on our shared humanity, consider this essential viewing.

Tickets will go on sale to the public at 11 a.m. on Friday, March 22; Church of the Redeemer has a unique discount code REDEEM. The code can be used for $1 off each ticket purchase for any film at CIFF (The discounted price for in-person screenings would be $17 and $13 for streamed films).


Screening will be on Thursday, April 4 at 4:55 PM at Upper Allen Theatre. 
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